Puttin' On the Ritz

The expression ‘puttin on the Ritz’ was inspired by the opulent Ritz Hotel, meaning to dress very fashionably. It  is a popular song written by Irving Berlin in 1929, introduced in song by Harry Richman for the 1930 movie Puttin’ On the Ritz! The song has been performed by many through the years and has been used in several movies. The last major revival of the song was by Taco released as a synthesized pop version in 1983 and includes a tap solo in the middle to honor the great Fred Astaire. Whether or not you dress casually or ‘very fashionably’ this necklace and Bracelet are comfortable and fun to wear. You must be proficient in the herringbone/Ndebelle stitch, working in a circular, tubular fashion with a step up at the end of each round.

Both the Necklace and Bracelet are a full day class each.

  • The Necklace is An intermediate to advanced beading level.
  • The Bracelet is an intermediate level beading level.

A Simple Elegance

You will have a blast making this wonderfully elegant necklace, made with Miyuki’s cotton pearls and Mini Duo’s. Since this necklace is made with cotton pearl this necklace is amazingly light in weight. As this necklace is a component based piece once you have made the first one, each component works up very quickly by connecting one to another. You can make your necklace adjustable in length by make an additional toggle clasp in second length.

You must be proficient in the peyote stitch

This is an intermediate level beading project

3 hour class.

These pieces are my newest offerings ,
This is my Policy:

these pieces are only available as workshop for the time frame that I am actively teaching the pieces.
Kits of course will be available for workshop participants only.
these kits will not contain beading thread or beading needles.
Kits for these pieces will come available only after I have finished teaching them.
Instructions will be available when I am no longer making kits.

Sweet Thang Bracelet

The Sweet Thang Bracelet is just plain fun. In using these newer crystal coin pearls, I had such fun creating a bracelet with these pearls and turning the beadwork on the pearls in a non-traditional fashion. Add a bit of bling with some crystals, using multiple sizes, shapes and colors of seed beads and a self-closure and your off rockin’ where ever you go!

Must be proficient in the peyote stitch, odd count peyote, and circular peyote

An intermediate level beading project

a 6-hour workshop

Faux Marcasite Bracelet

I have always been intrigued by Marcasite jewelry, so very delicate with tiny sparkles! So I decided to make my own version of a Marcasite piece in beads! Using a combination of different sizes and shapes of seed beads and the newer Demi beads I have created this elegant bracelet. The bracelet is delicate in nature and very light in weight. Stitch a duel layered focal point with a Rose Montee’ and Swarovski crystal rounds, connecting half-loops to the focal for the bracelet band.

Must be proficient in the peyote stitch

Intermediate to Advance Beading Level

6 hour class

This class will debut at Bead Soup on April 22, 2017, and will be available as a workshop after April, 2017

A Tudor Queen's Earrings

These earrings were inspired by the fabulous jewelry from the show The Tudors. I noticed that Henry often recycled the jewelry that he gave his wives. If you were looking, once he was done with his current queen, the jewelry often showed up on the neck of another queen! So my ode to the wives of Henry the eighth! Stitch beadwork bezels around crystals and add layers of beads, crystals and crystal pearls. Add a few dangly crystal or pearl drops on the lower edge, and ear wires and the look is complete!

You must be proficient in the peyote stitch and with stepping up.

This is an intermediate to advanced beading level project

3 hour class

Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream is the result of playing around with bezeling a large crystal pearl and then wondering . . .  trying to figure out what the heck to do with the beautiful result! After two years I decided that it was time to put this little gem into something, the counts decided the piece must become a necklace! But then they didn’t connect as I had wanted . . . so the unique circle links were born. The beaded circles connected so beautifully to the layered and crystal embellished pearl bezels so . . .  it must have always been met to be. Must be proficient in the peyote stitch and be comfortable in stepping up. Intermediate to Advanced beading level. A full day class.


Radiance it sparkles, it shines!

This piece has been designed using unique radiance disks. Build a custom bezel for the radiance disks in two different sizes, embellish with 2mm True Cuts Czech glass, work half-loops of Cubic Right Angle Weave or work half-circles of zipped Right Angle Weave, work a self clasp, make the connections and your done!

This piece fits like a dream, and can be customized  by using different sized toggle closures. You must be proficient in peyote and Cubic Right Angle Weave OR Right Angle Weave. As this is a project oriented workshop, time will not be spent on learning the stitches. For the advanced seed beader. A full day class.

Diane Dennis Beadwork