A Simple Elegance

You will have a blast making this wonderfully elegant necklace, made with Miyuki’s cotton pearls and Mini Duo’s. Since this necklace is made with cotton pearl this necklace is amazingly light in weight. As this necklace is a component based piece once you have made the first one, each component works up very quickly by connecting one to another. You can make your necklace adjustable in length by make an additional toggle clasp in second length.

You must be proficient in the peyote stitch

This is an intermediate level beading project

A three Hour Workshop

A Tudor Queen's Earrings

These earrings were inspired by the fabulous jewelry from the show The Tudors. I noticed that Henry often recycled the jewelry that he gave his wives. If you were looking, once he was done with his current queen, the jewelry often showed up on the neck of another queen! So my ode to the wives of Henry the eighth! Stitch beadwork bezels around crystals and add layers of beads, crystals and crystal pearls. Add a few dangly crystal or pearl drops on the lower edge, and ear wires and the look is complete!

You must be proficient in the peyote stitch and with stepping up

This is an intermediate to advanced beading level project

A Three Hour Workshop

Acorn Pendant Necklace-This Workshop Will Be Available 2018 

The last few years I have been fascinated by the costume jewelry of Miriam Haskel, after seeing an exhibit of some of her vintage pieces in a museum collection. These pieces have become prizes of collectors, her jewelry was worn by Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, Gloria Vanderbilt and the Duchess of Windsor. Joan Crawford was rumored to have owned a set of every ‘Haskel’ produced. This is my ode to Miriam Haskel, the Acorn Pendant Necklace. This piece will have different looks by how you suspend your ‘acorns’ AND WILL BE DISCUSSED IN THE WORKSHOP. 

Stitches used: circular peyote and herringbone

an intermediate level beading project

A Three Hour Workshop

​These pieces are my Workshop offerings ,
This is my Policy:
these pieces are only available as workshop for the time frame that I am actively teaching the pieces.
Kits of course will be available for workshop participants only.
these kits will not contain beading thread or beading needles.
Kits for these pieces will come available only after I have finished teaching them.
Instructions will be available when I am no longer making kits.

Three Hour Workshops

Diane Dennis Beadwork